Welcome to the website of the Harvard Law School Association of Europe (HLSAE)!

If you are a Harvard Law School alumna or alumnus and are or have been based in Europe, read on – this is your association!

HLSAE was founded in 1965 under the auspices of the Harvard Law School and the Harvard Law School Association with the mission “…to advance the cause of legal education, to promote the interests and increase the usefulness of the Harvard Law School, and to promote mutual acquaintance and good fellowship among all members of the Association.”

In other words, we try to accomplish regionally what the Harvard Law School Association does so formidably globally.

With close to 2,000 alumni, HLSAE is one of the largest regional HLS alumni organizations in the world. It is a terrific forum to connect or stay in touch with alumni from numerous European countries and of all generations, to engage in discussions about new developments in the law, and to pursue and entertain friendships and networks, while enjoying beautiful sites in Europe.

At the 2013 annual general meeting held in Amsterdam, the leadership of HLSAE adopted a six-point strategy plan, which we will pursue during our three year term through 2016.

In short, the strategy plan is to:

1. Continue organizing successful annual reunions during Ascension Weekends;

2. Maintain financial strength and capability to make significant contributions to HLS to help one or more Central and Eastern European LL.M. students defray their tuition fees;

3. Strengthen ties to the Harvard Law School Association and other regional associations;

4. Bring HLSAE members together, formally or informally, at other venues/dates than the Ascension Weekend;

5. Appropriately celebrate the 50th anniversary of HLSAE (2015); and

6. More regularly communicate with alumni and current European HLS students (including through Linkedin and Facebook) thereby creating even more awareness of, and interest in, HLSAE.

Do not hesitate to contact the Officers with any questions or comments you might have. We are delighted to cater to your wishes and needs and welcome any ideas you might have as to how we best can accomplish our missions and make your association even better.

Henrik Rossing Lønberg, LL.M. ’01